Surface dressing – things to be aware of

During the early life of the surface dressing…

  • The bitumen used can become soft again during very warm weather.
  • Bitumen and chippings could be picked up on footwear, wheelchairs, pushchairs, pets’ paws and carried into houses.
  • The carriageway is safe to drive on following application of the stone chippings, provided speeds remain below 20mph. For your safety and the safety of others, please drive slowly, keep your distance, avoid turning or braking sharply and do not overtake.
  • Our contractors will sweep the road and footpaths to remove loose chippings before the road is opened to traffic again.
  • Our contractors then return to remove loose chipping again as follows:
    • 24 hours after the road opens,
    • Then three to four days after,
    • Then again seven days after.