Love Your Streets Quiz – the answers

Here are the answers to the Love Your Streets quiz:

What is the current maximum penalty for fly-tipping in Cheshire West and Chester?
a) £75 fine   b) £400 fine   c) Prison sentence

Answer – c) Prison sentence
In 2017/18 the Council prosecuted four people for fly-tipping and 175 for littering.  We also introduced the highest level of fines (£400) last year.

How many kilometres of road is the Council responsible for in Cheshire West and Chester?
a) 1,645 km b) 906 km c) 2,309 km

Answer – c) 2,309 km
That would stretch from Chester to Rome!  We also look after 4902 illuminated signs, 108 pedestrian crossings, 76,000 grids and 139 traffic signal junctions.

How many miles do the Council’s gritting fleet drivers cover for each gritting run?
a) 606 miles  b) 707 miles  c) 808 miles

Answer – c) 808 miles
Last year our gritting fleet was called out 102 times – that’s a total of 82,416 miles.

How many street lights is the Council responsible for?
a) 44,000  b) 33,000  c) 22,000

Answer – a) 44,000
We’ve just finished a five year programme updating streetlights to LEDs.

How many litter bins does the Council own?
a) 930  b) 1,500  c) 2,300

Answer – c) 2,300
Help us to keep Cheshire West and Chester looking tip top – always put your litter in a bin.