Grass cutting

Our StreetCare teams operate a cycle of grass cutting across the borough that usually takes around three weeks.

Bad weather can change our schedule.  This year has been a challenge following a very wet March that held up mowing followed by a warm April that saw rapid grass growth. The recent hot weather has stopped grass growth in most areas but we are expecting a rapid regrowth when the rain does arrive again.

If the grass needs cutting in your area, please bear with us, we will be with you as soon as we can.


Where will our teams be this week?

This week we will be in the following areas:

Week beginning 20 August 2018

Caldy Valley, Christleton, Waverton, Handbridge and Guilden Sutton

Ellesmere Port and  Neston
Hope Farm, Willowdale Way, Baker Drive, Ascot Drive, Seacombe, Northern Rise, Loxdale & Tennyson
Mollington, Backford, Capenhurst, Willaston, Hooton and West Vale

Frodsham, Helsby and Rural
Rowton Village Hall, Clutton, Tilston, Farndon, Churton, Handley, Thornton le Moors, Stoak and Tattenhall


Road One, Crook Lane, Station Road, Rookery Rise, Greville Drive Estate & Foxfield
Cuddington and Sandiway (Rural)

Why don’t teams pick up the grass afterwards?

We operate to industry standard methods when carrying out our grass cutting operations. This involves leaving grass where it falls once it has been cut – because it is difficult to recycle it makes sense to let it break down in to the soil.